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All-Star Package

All-Star Package

All-Star Package


Unit Count: 850
Est. Retail Value:
Sale Price:
Was: $1,125.00

Do you want to be a reselling All-Star?

Then you need the All-Star Package!



The All-Star Package is the perfect way to stock your reselling business easily. If you're looking to get into the reselling business or take your existing business to the next level, then this is the package for you! The All-Star package includes our best-selling lots, at a discounted price, so you can stock up and save big. With this package, your total unit cost goes to $1.00 per unit.  There is a lot of potential for making money with this deal.

With an estimated retail value of over $8,000, this is an unbeatable offer for anyone looking to get started in reselling or adding to their existing inventory.


Don't miss out - order your All-Star Reseller Package today!


This package combines our best-selling lots, so you can stock your reselling business with everything your customers could want. 


When selling our lots, many of our customers triple their money in 30 days. 


The All-Star Package consists of the following lots:

Personal Care/HBA Liquidation Lots (no cosmetics): Units 100

Brand Name Cosmetics: Units 100

Amazon General Merchandise Lot: Units 100

Department Store Jewelry Lots: Units 250

Brand Name Nail Polish and Nail Products: Units 300


The total unit count of the all-star package is 850 units

The estimated retail value is $8,474.50



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