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Case Packed MIA Jewelry - Necklace Variety - Resale Ready

Case Packed MIA Jewelry - Necklace Variety - Resale Ready


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New to the biz and want to try out a smaller lot before buying big? This lot offers you a super earning potential opportunity. 

Jewelry is case packed, brand new.  

Many of the jewelry units are individually packaged and contain a Mia display tag. Some units are missing their outer packaging and/or Mia display tag, but all jewelry items are brand new!

The pictures are examples only and show a representation of the variety, quality, and type of jewelry included in each lot. There is no guarantee that you will receive the same units, as shown in the photos. Wholesale Ninjas inventory turns over quickly;  all pictures are updated periodically, but will not always reflect the current stock.

Buying your inventory at a low cost from Wholesale Ninjas enables you to price your products competitively to help generate that sale. Offering unique product selection in your retail store entices shoppers to keep coming back to see what’s new. Buying smaller general merchandise lots on Wholesale Ninjas offers you a variety of popular branded goods at steeply discounted prices, so you can track which products are most desirable to your customers.

Review this lot's itemized manifest in the table below! Or click the button underneath to download the manifest as CSV file, viewable in any spreadsheet application.

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