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😍China Glaze Nail Polish Lot

😍China Glaze Nail Polish Lot


Unit Count: 136
Est. Retail Value:
Your Price:

💥New China Glaze Nail Polish Lot! 🌟

Experience the Excellence of Quality Products

Lot of 136 products, from a national retail store, with a total retail value of $1,122.06.

You Get the Following:

  • 🔥 136 Units valued at $1,122.06!
  • 📋 Product Manifest Available
  • 🛒 Wide Range of NAIL POLISH ITEMS
  • 🌟 Brand Names Included: China Glaze
  • 📦 Condition: Shelf-pull
  • 95% Product Guarantee
  • 👍 Perfect for Resellers!

Review this lot's itemized manifest in the table below! Or click the button underneath to download the manifest file, viewable in any spreadsheet application.

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