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Drugstore High Piece Count Pallet

Drugstore High Piece Count Pallet



Eligible for our Pallet Breakdown Service!

The lot in this listing is sold as-is. The included products come directly from liquidation distribution centers and are uninspected by Wholesale Ninjas. There is no guarantee on the quality or condition of this lot, and the contents may include items that are distressed, damaged, expired, or labeled by the retailer in various ways. Please understand these risks before making your purchase.

Drugstore High Piece Count Pallet 600 units.

Great inventory for any store! 

Shipping will take several business days. 

The pallet is unmanifested but you will get a variety of SKUs from categories such as Electronics, Toys, Household, Kitchen, and more! You may obtain multiple units of items.

The pallet may contain items like

Red Copper pots and pans

Bluetooth Speakers



Skull Candy


Therma Confort

Air Fryer

Condition: Shelf-pull

Unit Count: 600


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