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Jay Manuel Cosmetics Variety: Powder, Concealer, Foundation, Lipstick & More

Jay Manuel Cosmetics Variety: Powder, Concealer, Foundation, Lipstick & More


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Small liquidation lot of a wide variety of name brand cosmetics. This lot contains: Foundation Lipstick Mascara Eyeliner Brow liner Eyeshadow and more Please refer to the attached manifest and pictures for exact units included in this lot.  Many of the units are resale ready, while some may have price stickers affixed to the product. Some product packaging may be damaged or is missing, which may be why they are liquidated goods. Often, product packaging gets damaged in transit, or mishandling at retail establishments.  We do our best to show this in the listing pictures.  Grab this exceptional listing before its gone!   Brand loyal shoppers who love specific colors or products will pay extra $$ when the manufacturer discontinues their favorite, and it becomes scarce.  When discontinued favorites are no longer available in national drugstores, popular-branded cosmetics become big moneymakers for you. If you're new to the biz, buying smaller lots of popular branded cosmetics on Wholesale Ninjas is a safe way to start small, test your customer base, and discover which products are best sellers for you!

Review this lot's itemized manifest in the table below! Or click the button underneath to download the manifest file, viewable in any spreadsheet application.

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