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VR/AR Headset Bundle Zoo Animal Themed 4d+ Utopia 360°

VR/AR Headset Bundle Zoo Animal Themed 4d+ Utopia 360°


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VR/AR Headset Bundle Zoo Animal Themed 4d+ Utopia 360° UPC:816983017443 Experience the most fun and interactive way to learn animal names, sounds, and spelling with 4D+ Utopia 360? VR Headset and Animal Zoo Augmented Reality Cards bundle. Capture fun augmented reality photos of each animal in your real-world environment and immersed yourself in a 360deg VR experience surrounded by herbivores and carnivores galore. The bundle includes a Utopia 360deg VR headset and interactive cards for an immersive 4D experience. Works With The Interactive & Fully Featured Animal 4d+ App Explores 3d Library As Well As Facts About Each Animal Captures Fun Augmented Reality Photos Of Animals In Real-world Environments • Includes VR headset, animal augmented reality cards from A to Z and five food cards • Works with the free, fully-featured Animal 4D+ app • STEM-based education, perfect for ages 3+ • Explore the 3D library to learn about each animal’s habitat, characteristics, and diet • Match food cards to the right animal through deductive reasoning for an interactive feeding • Learn the alphabet, animal sounds, names, and spelling • Features an interactive spelling quiz • Capture fun augmented reality photos with the virtual animals in your real-world environment • Utopia 360° VR headset for a hands-free, 4D+ experience • Multilingual – Available in 12 different languages including Spanish, French, German and more • Compatible with smartphones, tablets Quantity of 990 Units Est. Original Retail $39,590

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