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3 Secrets to Making Money Selling Liquidation Goods

3 Secrets to Making Money Selling Liquidation Goods

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The rise of the internet has resulted in untold wealth for those bold enough to step up, and smart enough to do what few others are willing to do.

One example of this is Jeff Bezos. He had one of the greatest influences on the growth of e-commerce as the founder of, Inc. More than just a bookseller, Amazon has become the largest online retailer and a model for Internet sales, also enabling small independent sellers to reach large audiences.

But this is not an “easy money” pitch. Making a profit and successfully keeping your eCommerce business running year after year takes dedication and hard work. However, it helps if you can learn from those that have gone ahead and learned the lessons from the school of hard knocks.

...learn from those that have gone ahead and learned the lessons from the school of hard knocks.

There are 3 essential things you must do to ensure success, whether you’re looking to make money:

  • selling on Amazon, eBay, Facebook or other major eCommerce platform,
  • have your own independent online ecommerce store, or
  • want to sell products through a brick-and-mortar retail store

Watch out for the fees

When starting up a business, every small fee adds up. Scaling up a business towards success requires strong, watchful eye on your cash-flow. As you start up, consider selling on Facebook as they do not charge fees!

Worldwide, Facebook has over 2.38 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2019. Considering that 16 Million local Facebook business pages created as of May 2013, you don’t want to get left out. That’s a huge potential customer market for your retail business, and you have the flexibility of selling nationwide or just locally. Additionally, Facebook makes it easy for new sellers to process online payments without much setup work.

To sell on a Facebook Shop:

  1. You first need a dedicated Facebook page for your business (not your personal Facebook page).
  2. Then, manage your page through the Facebook Business Manager tool.
  3. Next, upload your product category manually.
  4. Finally, you can start selling on Facebook through your Facebook Shop.

 Choose the Right Supplier

Making a profit selling online is about having the right products at the right price.

You will want to make sure your product supplier is reliable, and that you’re getting quality brand name products.  Compare the cost and ensure you’re getting the best prices available to give you the best profit margins possible.

When sourcing inventory, a liquidation supplier like Wholesale Ninjas, plays an important role. We offer some of the most competitive prices in a broad set of liquidation goods categories to fit your needs. Unlike other liquidation vendors, we offer quality products without the hassles of minimum orders, and without having to jump through hoops.

Go online to, select the category you’re interested, and place your order -- from clothing, general merchandise, household, to high quality, brand name makeup & cosmetics, personal care and a broad collection of everyday bargains.

We have partnered with some of the most recognized product brands and retailers to make their liquidation inventory available to your business! We help grow your sales by providing you with the best quality of liquidation goods.

Time is money

In any business startup, time is money. As you research and select vendors and providers, consider the time it takes to ship, or receive products. Each time you buy products to sell, your hard-earned start-up cash gets tied up in that order. You want to ensure you can get your products sold to your customers as quickly as possible.

With, when you place an order online, you’re products are fulfilled and delivered within a few days! Moreover, with Wholesale Ninjas, you don’t have to deal with cumbersome, slow freight carrier shipments. You get your order quickly via UPS, which will be delivered right to your door -- whether it’s a warehouse or commercial storefront, or the proverbial birthplace of all great startups, your garage.

Keep in consideration that other liquidation product suppliers use freight carriers. Using freight carriers means you have to arrange delivery. This may require a warehouse with the appropriate truck delivery set up e.g., forklift. In the worst case, you could end up paying additional fees to ensure the truck has a lift gate to deliver to a residential address (if you’re running your business from home).

With, you can even order a pallet without the hassle of freight. Since freight shipping isn't for everyone, Wholesale Ninjas has introduced the Pallet Breakdown Service. We will break down your pallet order into separate boxes and ship it all by ground transit directly to your door. So you can get pallet orders delivered anywhere, and you'll save money and time compared to the hassle of freight!

Charges are $180 per pallet to cover all shipping and handling costs. Simply choose the Pallet Breakdown Service option for your shipping method at checkout and leave the rest to us!

Avoid the hassle of dealing with freight by placing your order with us, and get your products faster so your money can make you money faster!

Fortune favors the bold. Browse our liquidation lots categories, and take the first step towards profit and success.

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