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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly does Wholesale Ninjas do?

Wholesale Ninjas has partnered with the world’s top retailers to provide wholesale quantities of liquidation merchandise in an efficient and expedient way. Our purpose is to help retailers grow sustainable businesses and support the boom in grass-roots e-commerce and independent retail sales. We have a proven track record of satisfying the needs of online sellers and brick-and-mortar business owners, as well as those who sell in secondary markets and non-traditional venues like flea-markets and pop-up stores.

What do "liquidation" and "liquidation merchandise" mean?

When retailers have merchandise that they do not wish to sell through their normal channels -- online and brick-and-mortar storefronts -- they sell it at deep discount to liquidation distributors like us so as to make room in their stores and warehouses for preferred inventory. Those deep discounts can be passed on to you as a Wholesale Ninjas customer.

It’s natural to ask why retailers would offload their merchandise at such a low price. Most commonly it is done for logistical or contractual reasons. Warehouse and shelf space is limited and purchases are scheduled months in advance, easily leading to overstocked inventory if sales projections were off. Product packaging often changes to promote the latest superhero film or animated children’s show and merchants are frequently contractually obligated to have the most current packaging on their shelves. Some retailers simply have internal policies to not allow merchandise to sit on store shelves too long and liquidate older inventory on a set schedule. The industry term “shelf-pull” encompasses all the above situations and more where merchants liquidate viable product directly from their store shelves and is the category of liquidation most frequently available on Wholesale Ninjas. You can read more about shelf-pulls here.

Where are you located and where do you ship to?

Our facilities are located in the northeast United States and we ship throughout the continental US. We do not currently ship internationally.

Purchasing & Sales

How do I make an order?

All orders are made through our online store. There are no salespeople to call and no price lists to request. Simply browse our available lots, add what you want to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout!

Do I need a store account?

Yes. All customers are required to have an account before they can make a purchase so that we can verify orders when necessary. You will be asked to create a store account at checkout time if you have not already done so. Login or create your account here.

Does Wholesale Ninjas sell products offline?

No, Wholesale Ninjas does not sell products offline and we do not do any side deals. The only way to buy from Wholesale Ninjas is through our website.


What shipping options do you offer?

Wholesale Ninjas knows that inventory shipping is a crucial aspect of any retail business. That's why we constantly strive to improve our shipping options. We currently offer three classes of shipping: standard ground, pallet breakdown service, and freight shipping. See below for the details of each option.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend upon the shipping option chosen, destination location, current shipping rates, and what products are purchased. The easiest way to preview the shipping costs for a potential purchase is to add all desired items to the shopping cart. Proceed to checkout and enter your shipping information. Before the purchase is finalized, you will have the opportunity to view the shipping costs for each available shipping option. See the questions below for more information about our offered shipping options.

What is standard ground shipping?

All boxed-lot orders (everything on the lots page) are delivered via standard ground shipping. We use our negotiated rates with a variety of shipping carriers to give you a great deal.

How do I order pallets and what is the pallet breakdown service?

With other suppliers, pallet orders typically need to be delivered by freight. Arranging freight shipping is an inconvenient, time-consuming, frustrating process. Surprise fees, a lot of phone tag, no tracking information and expensive rates are the norm. And that's if you can arrange the shipping in the first place; many freight companies do not service rural or out-of-the-way locales and often refuse to deliver to residential locations. Finally, not every business even has the facilities (loading dock and warehouse space) and equipment (forklift or pallet-jack) to deal with large deliveries on skids.

Since freight shipping isn't for everyone, Wholesale Ninjas has introduced the Pallet Breakdown Service. We will break down your pallet order into separate boxes and ship it all by ground transit. So you can get pallet orders delivered anywhere and you'll save money and time compared to freight! Any listing with the pallet icon ships with this service.

Charges are $180 per pallet to cover all shipping and handling costs. Simply choose the Pallet Breakdown Service option for your shipping method at checkout and leave the rest to us!

Note that some pallets are ineligible for the Pallet Breakdown Service and must be shipped via freight. The listings for such pallets are marked with the truck icon . See here for more details on freight shipping.

Which items ship freight and how is it arranged?

Any listing decorated with the truck icon will ship via freight. A loading dock or other special facilities are NOT required to receive a freight shipment, and they can be made to residential locations. All of our freight deliveries come with lift-gate service and there will be no additional charges at delivery time in order to off-load the delivery. The driver will off-load the cargo from the truck, but won't necessarily move it inside or to another location. For instance, it may just be dropped off at the curb or in a driveway. In general, the customer should be prepared to deal with a pallet once it has been removed from the truck. It may have to be broken down where it stands. Alternatively, pallet-jacks can be rented from most big-box hardware and home-improvement chains. A forklift is unnecessary. Wholesale Ninjas will arrange the shipment with the carrier, but you will be contacted afterwards with details on arranging a drop-off window.

Freight costs depend on the source and destination locations as well as how much is transported. The cost of a single pallet will generally exceed that of the Pallet Breakdown Service but additional pallets after the first are steeply discounted making freight more economical for large orders.

Where do you ship to?

We ship throughout the continental US ( the "lower 48"). We do not currently ship internationally. Those cutomers who wish to have orders shipped outside of the continental United States are encouraged to engage a freight forwarder who services your region. Wholesale Ninjas is happy to ship to any fowarder's location within the continental United States but we cannot take any responsibility for international shipping aspects such as customs.

When will my order ship?

Orders generally ship within 3-5 business days. No processing is done over weekends or holidays.

When will my order be delivered?

Most ground shipping orders are delivered within 2-3 days of the date shipped. However, our warehouse is located on the eastern seaboard so some orders to the west coast may take longer. For orders shipped by freight, shipping time will depend upon availability of transportation. Freight orders generally take 3-6 days but please allow for alonger delivery times.

What carrier will deliver my order?

We use a variety of carriers for both package and freight with the goal of getting you the best rate.

Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

No, for security and operational purposes we do not allow in-warehouse pickups. We offer a number of convenient and economical shipping options, however.


Can I ask for specific items to be placed in my lot?

No, our lots are pre-made and items cannot be changed.

What's the deal with the little icons on each listing?

To help assess whether a specific listing meets your needs, each listing displays a set of icons based on its features. Look for these icons to help you quickly find what you're looking for! Below is a rundown of the icons and their meanings,

This listing includes an itemized manifest of its contents
The images in this listing are of the specific products included in the lot.
The images in this listing are for example purposes only. The received products will probably vary.
The lot in this listing ships via our Pallet Breakdown Service.
The products in this listing will be shipped by freight. Please be sure that you are prepared to handle freight deliveries.

If you are viewing a listing and need a refresher about the icons, just hover over them with your mouse (or tap them on mobile) and a summary of the above guide will display to remind you!

Are your lots manifested?

Our goal is transparency, which is something that can be hard to come by in the liquidation industry. We want you to feel comfortable and secure before you order. To that end, many of our lots have an itemized manifest that is viewable and downloadable from the corresponding listing page. If you see the manifest icon under the listing features, then look for the manifest on the listing page.

What condition should I expect to receive my items in, and what are shelf-pulls?

Unless otherwise noted in the individual lot listing, the majority of our liquidation lots are shelf pulls. Shelf pull is an industry term similar to overstock, clearance or close-out. These are unused items that have been on retail store shelves and liquidated at the end of the season, or when the store needed to make room for new stock to be displayed. The reason for being removed from shelves may be as trivial as a new package design from the manufacturer (many stores are under contract to only sell items with the latest packaging). Shelf pulls are unused, they are NOT customer returns. Our shelf-pull items are in good selling condition, but may have some or all of the following properties:

  • May have retail stickers such as price tags or discount/store labels.
  • A small percentage of the items may be out of box or in open boxes.
  • May include expired or short-dated goods.

How do I find out about new lots for sale?

Our lots move quickly and there are new items for sale nearly every day. When you create a store account you will have the option to opt-in to our marketing email list and be regularly updated on new lots for sale. To ensure our messages are not marked as spam, make sure to whitelist our address in your email settings (in Gmail, this can be done by adding the address to your contacts list).

How many items come in a lot?

The number of items in each lot varies. Each listing states the total quantity of items that are contained in that lot.

What is a "unit"?

A unit is an item as can be found packaged for individual sale at a retail store. The following would all be considered a single unit:

  • A single stick of deodorant
  • A bottle of shampoo
  • A single chapstick
  • A blister pack of three chapstick
  • A single package containing three bars of soap

Customer Service

Do you offer a guarantee on your lots?

Each lot comes with a unit quantity guarantee, meaning that if you select a lot and the listing states the lot contains 400 units you will receive 400 units. If you do not receive the correct number of units we guarantee to make it right.

What is your policy on returns, refunds, and order cancellation?

All sales are final.

Due to the nature of the liquidation business, we cannot accept returns or grant refunds. If there is a problem with your order due to a mistake on our part, we will resolve it on a case by case basis. If you believe that there is an error in your order, please contact customer care at

Also, upfront costs associated with shipping and transaction fees from our platforms means that we do not allow cancellation of orders once made.

What should I do if there is a problem with my order?

If you have a problem with your order please email In your email please specify your order number and the nature of the problem and a member of our customer care team will contact you as soon as possible.

How does Wholesale Ninjas use my personal and contact information?

Wholesale Ninjas does not sell your information to any third-parties. Any information collected from you is used only in the normal operation of our business, such as verifying orders or contacting you about order status. Those who opt-in to our marketing program will receive updates regarding our products and promotions.

Is my personal and payment informations ecure with Wholesale Ninjas?

Yes. Wholesale Ninjas is secured using SSL, meaning that all transactions are transmitted through an encrypted channel to prevent any network eavesdropping. Your data is safe when browsing and using our site.


Do I have to provide a State Business License in order to buy from Wholesale Ninjas?

Only businesses operating in the state of Maryland are required to provide a business license.

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