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5 Tips for Selling Successfully During the Holiday Season

5 Tips for Selling Successfully During the Holiday Season

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The flurry of online holiday shoppers rushing to find the best deals offers you the opportunity to make some hot holiday cash. 

Here are 5 fresh tips to help you increase sales.

A picture is worth a thousand words           

Tip 1- Clear photographs that best represent the quality and condition of the actual item, are more appealing to a customer who is doubtful about a purchase.  Stock photos might not be the best option when selling certain liquidation goods.  When your item has damaged packaging, defects, or even when it's in perfect condition, show those details in photos.  Showcase bright, focused images of all sides of the product so that buyers clearly see what they are purchasing.

It's in the details 

Tip 2- Accurately describe the condition of the item in the listing description and be specific because buyers are more likely to purchase items with detailed description of the condition and contents along with multiple photos of the actual item.  Satisfied customers have a higher likelihood of being loyal customers.  

Price Competitively

Tip 3- During the busy holiday season, popular items often fluctuate in price.  Keep an eye out for competitors' price changes and price your items within the same general parameters as the competition. If you're eager to move specific merchandise, reduce the price lower than the competition, or offer an incentive or promo to draw potential buyers to the products that you want to move.

Fully Stocked Shelves

Tip 4- Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than out of stock items.  During the holiday season, some of the most purchased items are toys, cosmetics, and jewelry.  Keep these sections well-stocked with a full selection to satisfy your customers.  This will keep sales flowing in your store.

Ship Quickly

Tip 5 - No one likes waiting, especially shoppers who parted ways with their hard-earned money.  Aim to ship as quickly as possible; provide your customers with a tracking number and updates on when they expect to receive their order.  Positive buyer feedback is imperative to the success of your business; avoid negative feedback on eBay, Amazon, or other online markets because you failed to communicate with your buyer about any shipping delays. 


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