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Amazon General Merchandise Lots

Amazon General Merchandise Lots


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Unbox GM: Wholesale Ninjas' Amazon General Merchandise Lots

🎉 Dive into a Treasure box of Assorted Categories!
Our Amazon General Merchandise Lots are your chance to a great mix categories, all sized no larger than a shoebox to make your life easy. Imagine the possibilities with a mix of:

  • Household Products
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Chic Jewelry
  • Baby & Toddler Essentials
  • Pet Care Goodies
  • Fitness Gear
  • Auto Accessories
  • And So Much More!

📦 Condition You Can Trust
Rest assured, the inventory in these lots is in shelf-pull condition. What does that mean? You'll get unused items that may show some shelf-wear or minor packaging blemishes.

⚠️ Important Info—Read Before Purchasing

  • Unmanifested Lots: There's no detailed list of the exact items you'll get—consider it a surprise!
  • First In, First Out: We pack these lots using the FIFO method, so it's common to snag multiples of certain items.
  • Generic Brands: Expect a higher number of generic brands, in line with standard Amazon liquidation.

🖼️ Pictures: Just a Sneak Peek
While we offer pictures for visual reference, they're for display purposes only—your lot contents will vary.

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