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Brand New Clothing Variety Lots

Brand New Clothing Variety Lots


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Back by popular demand: Brand New Clothing.

These liquidation lots contain a variety of Brand New Children's, Men's & Women's clothing in different sizes. Wholesale Ninjas makes YOUR life easier by Hand-selecting quality goods that are safely packed, offering conveniently sized lots. Some tags may have price stickers on them. All lots are unmanifest and sold only by unit count. 


The country is opening up and more people are going out in public. Those same people are shopping for new styles of clothing to show off. The demand for clothing has increased significantly within the past 30 days and the trend is continuing. Now is a perfect time to start reselling clothing. 


At Wholesale Ninjas, our inventory turns over regularly, and we have access to 50,000+ SKUs. Since this listing is for an unmanifested lot, we cannot show pictures of exactly what comes inside each box/order. The images and video in this listing demonstrate only a sampling of the items included in these lots and provides you with a sneak peek of the product variety typically packed in each order but are not an exact representation of what you will find in your box. Are you hesitant to buy an unmanifested lot? The Everyday Bargains lots offer the lowest per-unit price because creating a manifest is time-consuming. By not providing a manifest, we save time and pass the savings onto you, but we don’t compromise on the overall product quality of these lots. Everyday Bargain lots are in the same condition and include many of the same products as found in our manifested lots. You are getting the biggest bang for your buck when buying Everyday Bargain Lots!

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