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Amazon HPC Pallet (900 units)

Amazon HPC Pallet (900 units)



Eligible for our Pallet Breakdown Service!

Amazon High Piece Count Pallet


Condition: Warehouse Shelf-Pulls

The pallet is Unmanifested and contains liquidation General Merchandise from an Amazon fulfillment facility. 


Unit Count:  900 units 

 Our liquidation general merchandise High Piece Count Pallet may contain a mix of the following categories household products, kitchen utensils, jewelry, baby and toddler care items, toys, pet care supplies, clothing, fitness equipment, and much more.

Please note: These lots are unmanifested, and there is no guarantee of the exact items you will receive. We pack our lots using the first-in, first-out method (FIFO). It is common to receive multiples of a given item. These lots have numerous generic brands as this is standard for AMZ liquidation.

Please note the pictures are for display purposes, and there is no guarantee of what exact items will be in the Pallet.  

Recommended for Online Sellers, Retail Stores, and Flea Market Sellers. 


With our pallet breakdown service, these pallets ship by ground service directly to your door. We save you the hassle of freight shipping which can take a long time due to shipping delays. 

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