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CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Banana Clips

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Banana Clips

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Banana Clips


Unit Count: 540
Est. Retail Value:
Sale Price:
Was: $1,373.76

💅 Embrace Vibrant Nails with the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Banana Clips! 💅

Product Description:

Looking to add a pop of color to your nail salon's collection? Your search ends here! Introducing the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Banana Clips - a delightful ensemble of 540 captivating nail polish bottles in a mesmerizing banana yellow shade, perfect to create stunning nail art that your clients will adore. 💯

Product Benefits:

Unbeatable Quality: This impressive nail polish lot boasts a retail value of $6868.80, ensuring impeccable quality and long-lasting wear for your clients' manicures.

Exceptional Value: With 540 nail polish, this lot offers exceptional value, providing your nail salon with an abundance of options to cater to diverse client preferences.

Stand Out in Style: Embrace the trendiness of the Banana Clips shade, making your nail salon the go-to destination for fashion-forward clients seeking statement nails.

Effortless Application: The CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is designed for easy application, saving time for your nail technicians and delivering professional-looking results.

Why Choose Us?

At Wholesale Ninjas, we take pride in selecting products that elevate your nail salon's offerings. The Banana Clips lot is curated to bring joy and vibrancy to your salon's nail art collection.

 Take Action:

Don't miss this golden opportunity to expand your nail salon's color range and delight your clients with captivating manicures! Order the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish - Banana Clips today, and let your salon shine with stunning nail art creations! 🚀🛒

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