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Please Note: All Lots now have Olay and Electric Toothbrush 

New Personal Care Lots - Ready for reselling. 

Try out Wholesale Ninjas' Unmanifested Personal Care/HBA Lots (no cosmetics) - a reseller's key to boosting their business. Personal care products are always in-demand as they are people usually rebuy them on a monthly basis. This is your opportunity to test out reselling personal care products without taking a huge risk.

What do you Get?
✅ Popular Brands
✅ Guaranteed 95% Sellable Condition
✅ Fast shipping & Excellent Customer Service

Our lots are quickly delivered packed with personal care products, ranging from deodorants, and body washes to skincare and haircare products. In addition, you'll discover a wide variety of OTC medicines, fragrances, and Oral Care items. Place your trust in popular brands like Gillette, L'Oreal, Crest, Axe, Garnier, and more.

Don't just take our word for it. Trust the experience of thousands of satisfied resellers who've seen their reselling businesses thrive with Wholesale Ninjas. With us, you're not just buying products, you're joining a community of successful resellers who appreciate our commitment to quality, speed, and exceptional value. Discover the extraordinary benefits of Wholesale Ninjas!


Each liquidation lot consists of a variety of items such as deodorant, body wash, lotion, skincare, mouthwash, toothpaste, Over the Counter medicine (OTC),  fragrances, haircare, and more from brands that you and your customers know and trust, including Johnson's, Gillette, L'Oreal, Crest, Axe, Garnier, and others. 

These items are shelf pulled from national retail stores, and contain a variety of products across multiple categories. Please note- in some cases, some of the products in the lot may include retail stickers, and some product packaging may be damaged or is missing, which may be why they are liquidated goods. Often, product packaging gets damaged in transit, or from mishandling at retail establishments. We do our very best to limit the number of goods containing damaged or missing packaging in each lot.   

At Wholesale Ninjas, our inventory turns over regularly, and we have access to 50,000+ SKUs. Since this listing is for an unmanifested lot, we cannot show pictures of exactly what comes inside each box/order. The images and video in this listing demonstrate only a sampling of the items included in these lots and provide you with a sneak peek of the product variety typically packed in each order, but are not an exact representation of what you will find in your box.

Are you hesitant to buy an unmanifested lot? The Everyday Bargains lots offer the lowest per-unit price because creating a manifest is time-consuming. By not providing a manifest, we save time and pass the savings onto you, but we don’t compromise on the overall product quality of these lots.  Everyday Bargain lots are in the same condition and include many of the same products as found in our manifested lots.  You are getting the biggest bang for your buck when buying Everyday Bargain Lots!


Wholesale Ninjas makes YOUR life simpler by:

  • Offering conveniently sized lots so you can test these products with your customer audience before buying in larger pallets or truckloads
  • Providing quality goods that are packed safely for transit
  • Clean and salable merchandise

Please note: These lots are unmanifested and there is no guarantee of the exact items you will receive. 

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