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Increase Your January Sales By Selling Consumable Products

Increase Your January Sales By Selling Consumable Products

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After the busy holiday shopping season, retailers often experience a drop in overall sales.  This slower buying time can be scary to small retailers, and without proper planning, may lead to the painful decision of going out of business.   There is a solution to keep a steady flow of sales in your business, which is offering items that your customers need and will continuously buy even when money is tight. 

Simply put, you need to carry, what is referred to in this industry as HBA – Health and Beauty Aids, or Personal Care products, because these consumable goods are what your customers WILL repeatedly buy, especially their favorite brands or products.  

Stock your store with this category of products to keep a steady cash flow, even when the market is experiencing slower sales.  Be the store that offers consumable HBA and Personal Care goods to satisfy your customers’ needs, but also provide a variety of other wares such as trendy clothes, or decorative home décor for when your shoppers want to splurge.   Wholesale Ninjas continuously offers lots and pallets of quality name brand products all year round for your buying convenience.

$$$ in Discontinued

Have you ever fallen in love with a favorite lipstick color, only to discover the company has discontinued it?  What do you do?  Choose a new color, or search online for that coveted color and pay almost anything to get your hands on it?  
Brand loyal customers will pay top dollar for their favorite discontinued cosmetic product or color.  Resellers increase their earning potential when they purchase discontinued colors/products, hold onto them for a short time, and then sell those products through online platforms.

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