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Amazon Branded Clothing Pallet (900 Units)

Amazon Branded Clothing Pallet (900 Units)


Unit Count: 900
Was: $4,000.00

Eligible for our Pallet Breakdown Service!

Improve Your Apparel Game with Our 🛒 900-Unit Amazon Clothing Pallet: Premium Quality Styles, and Bulk-Buy Benefits 🚀

Product Description:

Inventory boost incoming! Grab our exclusive 900-unit Amazon Clothing Pallet, filled with top-notch children’s, men’s, and women’s fashion. Each item is carefully handpicked and packaged for a smooth resale experience.

Product Benefits:

  • All-Season Wardrobe: Stock up on styles that cover spring blossoms to winter snows—making you the year-round fashion destination.

  • Best of the best: Zero in on prime quality with our curated selections, ensuring your shelves are an A-list fashion runway.

  • Brand Mix: Stock up  your inventory with Amazon hit brands like NBA, NFL, GoodThreads, Puma and other crowd-pleasers.

  • Maximum Value: Many items are valued over $20, which could lead to more profit for you.

  • Bulk-Buy with Ease: Our 900-unit pallet simplifies inventory management so you can focus on sales and growth.

Make the Smart Choice:

Align with winning resellers who’ve scaled their businesses with Amazon Clothing. With us, you're not just making a purchase; you're investing in a blueprint for retail success.

Seize the Day:

Looking to be the one-stop fashion hub? Click 'Add to Cart' and prep for lift-off. Your apparel inventory is about to soar. 🚀👗👕


At Wholesale Ninjas, our inventory turns over regularly, and we have access to 50,000+ SKUs. Since this listing is for an unmanifested lot, we cannot show pictures of exactly what comes inside each box/order. The images and video in this listing demonstrate only a sampling of the items included in these lots and provide you with a sneak peek of the product variety typically packed in each order but are not an exact representation of what you will find in your box. While there will be a variety of items in each lot, we can not guarantee any particular mix of sex, age, or size.


Are you hesitant to buy unmanifested pallets? Our pallets offer the lowest per-unit price because creating a manifest is time-consuming. By not providing a manifest, we save time and pass the savings onto you, but we don't compromise on the overall product quality of these lots.  You are getting huge savings when buying Pallets!

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